Hi there, I'm fairly new to the WordPress world and want to dive right in. I've been really interested in WordPress and the idea of eventually working towards becoming a front-end developer (while still utilizing the power of WP) but I have no idea where to start. Any advice for me? This was part

I recently had to switch back to using Akismet for anti-spam because my previous solution, WP Zero Spam, was causing issues with Gravity Forms, such that forms were not being submitted and I wasn't getting any contact messages. By default, Akismet wipes the comment spam queue every 15 days, which is

WP Pusher Plugin A common workflow among developers, in a nutshell, is developing WordPress plugins and themes locally and pushing their projects to a GitHub (or similar service) repository. Once pushed to the GitHub repo, the developer can sync it up with a live WordPress installation (i.e. a