WP Pusher Plugin A common workflow among developers, in a nutshell, is developing WordPress plugins and themes locally and pushing their projects to a GitHub (or similar service) repository. Once pushed to the GitHub repo, the developer can sync it up with a live WordPress installation (i.e. a

The WordPress Lost Password Email We've all done it. Not being able to remember passwords is one of the most annoying things about having so many website accounts across the internet. Fortunately, browsers nowadays let you save usernames and passwords for most websites so you don't have to worry

How can we get custom fields to display shortcode on our pages? I saw this posed on the StudioPress support forums and it's a very good question. The default custom fields meta box provided by WordPress strips out shortcodes from custom field values. This means you cannot, by default, use

If you've been working with WordPress for any length of time, especially if you've been doing anything that involves the use of code, you've probably heard of WordPress hooks. You've also, then, probably heard of Actions and Filters. If you're a seasoned WordPress pro, these terms are second nature