I created this plugin to use while working locally on my projects. Not that it's a big deal, but I find it annoying to have to log into my local development sites. The WP Auto Login plugin adds a setting to the General settings page. To use the plugin, you do the following: Enter a username

Since I create a lot of tutorials and use GitHub for source control, I embed a lot of gist files to show the code used in my tutorials that include snippets. While the code is displayed in the post, readers often need to view the raw source for easier copying/pasting. In the bottom section of the

Starting EngageWP Back in March of this year (2015), I decided to start putting in more of an effort to build my email newsletter. I started EngageWP back in March of 2014 and, in that year, had built a list of 76 legitimate subscribers (plus about 20 or so spam emails that I removed from the

Hi there, I'm fairly new to the WordPress world and want to dive right in. I've been really interested in WordPress and the idea of eventually working towards becoming a front-end developer (while still utilizing the power of WP) but I have no idea where to start. Any advice for me? This was part

I recently had to switch back to using Akismet for anti-spam because my previous solution, WP Zero Spam, was causing issues with Gravity Forms, such that forms were not being submitted and I wasn't getting any contact messages. By default, Akismet wipes the comment spam queue every 15 days, which is